Splitting in lime:

  • In order to split the belly's more thick, normally the transport roller outsides are bended up some tenth of a millimeter.

  • But the claws on the outsides are becoming extremely thicker.  

  • With this new patented system, the transport roller is absolute parallel to the section roller.                               

  • The belly’s are automatically becoming more thick, keeping the claws the same thickness as the backbone part and the neck.  

  • You have never seen such a accurate lime splitting before. 


  •  Splitting more thinner as before  

  • Easier introducing of the hides in the splitting machine

  • More hides in the de-liming drum

  • Therefore saving chemicals in the de-liming process

  • Thicker split; increase of split-value

  • Quicker shaving

  • Less shavings (waste reducing)

  • Less damages during the shaving-process

  • Reducing of shaving blades consumption

  • Increase of grain surface caused of better opening of the claws

How to reach this all for your production?

This new system is only placed in a new Alpe Spak lime splitting machine.

Alpe Spak in Arzignano, Italy is a well known splitting machine producer, using the newest technology and producing the most optimal splitting machine for this system.  



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